Our Treatment Plan for Individuals With Substance Addiction

BPI-GA is a self-supporting nonprofit that assists adults in overcoming their dependence on all kinds of drugs. Let us help you become a better version of yourself through our recovery program for substance abuse.

How We Can Help You

At our center, you will undergo evaluation, assessment, and treatment. These procedures allow us to properly determine the best course of action needed to improve your state. This journey is confidential for your safety and privacy.


Your Needs, Our Priority

We understand that your recovery may be affected by different factors. These include your transportation costs, medical issues, mental health condition, educational background, and financial status, among others. To address that, we tailor our program to your various needs, not just your substance of abuse.

Reach Out to Us

Rely on our professionals to guide you through the path toward recovery. For any questions about our program, contact us today.